Once I called Becky I felt relieved. After only 5 minutes with me on the phone she knew right away what the problem was and how to fix it. I was shocked it took her 2 weeks to get the job done and I am so happy I made that first phone call. Now me and Jess are in our new place starting fresh. Thank you Becky.
-Sam Hudson (New York, NY)

I've been to other people in the past and I won't lie they all said the same thing. Becky actually took the time to talk to me. I gave her my full name and my girlfriend's and she told me what no other would, which was that me and her were not to be together. I was hurt yes, but she had told me about this one girl from work and we've been together now for over 6 months. We're happy and I have to thank Becky for the girl who changed my life.
-Nicholas Poindexter (Palm Springs, CA)

Me and my husband were going through a very hard time and I didn't think we would make it, but I talked to Becky and within 5 days he was himself again. I mean I can't explain how fast and how great it was working with Becky. I am honored to write this. Call Becky today and you won't be sorry much love.
Chrissy Heart (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Okay, so me and my girlfriend were broken up for about 3 months and I thought it was over. Then I called Becky and well, Becky told me a lot of stuff that I didn't even know was going on with us. Like I said, I thought it was over, but after 3 weeks here we are back together. I didnt think it would happen, but she did it! Give her a call you won't regret it. Whatever she says cause she knows what she's doing and after all this I think i found a friend. Thank you Becky.
Monica Valentine (Newark, NJ)